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Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are:
  • retired men and women who want to keep busy and remain active
  • working professionals looking to enrich their lives through volunteering
  • parents who have a few hours to spare
  • college students and teenagers investigating career options in healthcare

Why Volunteer?

An outstanding group of individuals serve patients and visitors daily in many ways. 
You can too, because:

  • your willingness to give will provide another touch of care and compassion to the patients and family members our hospital serves
  • you’ll experience an extraordinary journey of self-fulfillment
  • our professional staff and hospital personnel will come to rely on your dedication, your enthusiasm and your loyalty
  • volunteerism is a critical part of Sacred Heart Hospital’s healing mission

Volunteer Opportunities 

You can apply your skills and interests in areas such as:

  • Clerical Services
  • Deliveries/Transport
  • Family Waiting Center
  • Gift Shop
  • Greeters
  • Handcrafters
  • Information Desk
  • Patient Room Checkers
  • Pet Therapy
  • Regional Center for Cancer Treatment & Prevention

Find a list of volunteer opportunities here.

Volunteer Requirements

We strive to work with your busy schedules to find the right volunteer job and hours, whether you volunteer occasionally or once a week. Snowbirds are welcome.

Student volunteers must be 14 years of age or older, and be able to commit to a minimum of 45-60 hours during the school year (4-6 months) or 25-40 hours during the summer months.


As a volunteer, you’ll receive training from another volunteer or a hospital staff member to help you become familiar with your individual responsibilities. Initial and ongoing education is provided continuously to maintain current and updated changes to the hospital environment of care.

To Get Started
  1. Review the Volunteer Handbook. This explains volunteer responsibilities and hospital policies and procedures.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Application and Health Form (PDFs)
  3. Schedule a personal interview with the Director of Volunteer Services by contacting the Volunteer Services Department at 715.717.4255. Please bring your completed Volunteer Application and Health Form with you to your interview.