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Patient Information & Services

When you come through our doors, you can feel confident that you are experiencing the very best in medical care. At Sacred Heart Hospital, we take pride in caring for you like family. It’s part of our mission to nurture you and your loved ones—from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond.


Your physician will arrange for your admission to the hospital. When you arrive, you will be registered in our Admitting Office. 

Pre-registration option

Click here to pre-register online before arriving at the hospital and spend less time in the Admitting Office. You may also register over the phone by calling 715-717-1461 between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Some hospital departments offer a choice of private or semi-private rooms. We will make every attempt to honor your preference. If you desire a private room, make your request known to our registration staff upon admission. If you are not satisfied with your room, consult with the department director. He or she can arrange your transfer when a space becomes available.


A menu of the day will appear on your breakfast tray each morning. Please complete all three meal selections and remember to include your name and room number at the bottom. You may give your menu selections to your nurse for pickup. If necessary, a nutrition services assistant is available to help you with your menu.

Diagnostic procedures such as X-rays and laboratory tests may require that your meal be missed or delayed. As soon as our nutrition services department is notified that you can resume eating, your meal service will restart.


Registered dietitians perform nutritional assessments on all patients considered to be potentially at nutritional risk, as well as those who’ve requested help. They:

  • develop nutritional care plans with the patient and/or family to improve the nutritional status of the patient to aid in healing and recovery
  • routinely monitor the patients’ tolerance to meals, tube feedings and IV nutrition
  • provide nutrition counseling and education to both inpatients and outpatients by physician referral or patient request

Your needs and pain relief 

If you experience any pain as a result of your illness, injury or procedure, please tell your nurse. 

For your safety

We want your stay with us to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Please let us know whenever you need help. If you see any potentially hazardous situations while you are with us, please notify your nurse.

Personal safety: bedrails

Please do not try to lower the rails on your bed or climb over them. We keep our electronically operated beds in a low position except when direct patient care is given. Do not attempt to get out of your bed when it is in the high position.

Security on campus

You will see uniformed security and safety officers around our hospital and grounds. They are responsible for controlling traffic and short-term parking and are ready to lend assistance in any way that involves the personal safety of our patients, employees and visitors.

Fire drills

We conduct fire drills in various patient areas so our employees will know exactly how to respond in an actual emergency. If a drill is conducted in your area, please remain calm and obey all instructions.

If you have care or safety concerns

We aim to always provide excellent care. If you have concerns about your care and/or safety—or that of a loved one—while at Sacred Heart Hospital, please ask your caregiver to speak with the department director or the patient services house supervisor on call. You are also welcome to call the office of our hospital administrator. If your concerns cannot be resolved, you may contact The Joint Commission at 800-944-6610 or email 

Interpreter Service

Interpreter services may be arranged for those with impaired hearing or limited English language skills. 


Every room has a telephone. You can make direct calls outside the hospital by first dialing 9 and then the number. For long distance, you will need the assistance of the hospital operator. Charges for long distance calls will be billed to your home phone. Anyone who wishes to call you directly can obtain your number from our information desk at 715-717-4123. 


All rooms have a television. Some also have a VCR and DVD player for education uses, entertainment or relaxation. 


The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Pioneer Press and USA Today newspapers are on sale in our vending room on the lower level of the hospital near the Cafeteria. 


Items addressed to you will be delivered to your room and outgoing mail can be mailed for you if you wish. Stationery, cards and stamps can be purchased by calling our gift shop at 715.717.4231. Any items received after you have been discharged will be forwarded to your home address. 

Computer and Internet Access

Patients, family members and guests are welcome to use their personal laptops to connect to the hospital’s wireless internet access, a service available in most areas of the hospital. Computers are also available in the first floor Radiology and the Family Waiting Center on the hospital’s second floor. 

Health Information

Health-related information is also available on computers in the Community Health Information Room on the hospital’s lower level across from the Community Auditorium. Hours: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. Staff assistance is available during normal business hours.

Access to Medical Records

If you, or a person you authorize, submits a Statement of Informed Consent, which can be obtained from our medical records department, you may:

  • Inspect your health records upon reasonable notice at any time during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday).
  • Receive a copy of your X-ray reports or have your X-rays transferred to another healthcare provider of your choice. There is a minimal charge for copies.

“Fresh as a Daisy” Room Service

Please call extension 4021 anytime you would like to request additional cleaning or reschedule the usual daily cleaning to a more convenient time for you. Our regular cleaning services are available daily until 11 p.m.; however our housekeeping department remains available around-the-clock for special needs.

Lost and Found

Our security department maintains a lost and found service for our patients, visitors and employees.
For service, please consult your nurse or call hospital security at 715-717-4375.