Birth Classes

The following classes are provided free of charge to help you learn all you can before the birth of your baby. Please call Women and Infant Services at 715.717.3100 to register and for information on dates, times and locations. Because class sizes are limited, we recommend you register three to four months before your due date.

Childbirth Series

This four-week series is designed to prepare first-time parents for labor and delivery, as well as bringing your new baby home.

Childbirth Saturday

If you prefer, we also offer a one-day childbirth class that covers the same important information as our four-week series.

Childbirth Refresher

We invite parents who have had a child in the past five years but feel they need a refresher to join us for this class. Labor and delivery will be reviewed, as well as relaxation techniques, sibling preparation, cesarean section video and a tour of the maternity department.

Childbirth Breastfeeding Class

This class is taught by a lactation consultant and is designed to give an in-depth look at breastfeeding to those who are planning to breastfeed or those who may still be undecided. You are encouraged to bring the expectant father and/or other support persons along with you.

Childbirth Sibling Class

This special class is designed to help prepare 3- to 10-year-olds for the changes that may occur in their family. Children are asked to bring a doll or teddy bear and be accompanied by an adult. They will tour the maternity department, practice diapering, burping and holding a baby using their doll or teddy bear and view a slide and video presentation.

Pets and Your Newborn

Taught by a veterinarian, this class is deigned to help you, your newborn and your pet live together in harmony. Concerns about how your dog or cat may react to having a new baby in the home will be addressed. You’ll also learn valuable tips about how to prepare your pet for the arrival of the new family member. To register for this class, please call Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital at 715.835.0112.

For more information, call us at (715) 717-4156