Robotic Surgery Options

Robotic Gynecology

Gynecologists began using the da Vinic robot for hysterectomies due to various uterine conditions and diseases including cancer and dysfunctional bleeding. This has evolved to include robotic surgeries such as the robotic sacrocolpopexy for pelvic organ prolapse, robotic excision of uterine fibroids as well as procedures for endometriosis. 

Robotic Urology

Urologists performed the first robotic surgery, a prostatectomy, at Sacred Heart Hospital, shortly after acquiring the da Vinici robot in December of 2006. Our urologists now use the robot to remove bladder and kidney tumors in addition to prostates for cancer. They also perform procedures known as a robotic pyeloplasty for kidneys that are not draining properly and robotic sacralcolpopexies for female pelvic organ prolapse. 

Additional Surgeries

Surgeons in our region use the da Vinic robot at Sacred Heart Hospital to perform Ear, Nose and Throat surgeries, heart and vascular surgeries and general surgeries.

If you are interested in meeting with a robotically trained surgeon:
Please see our directory of robotic surgeons who operate at Sacred Heart Hospital.