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da_Vinci_TeamHSHS Sacred Heart Hospital was the first hospital in this region to acquire a da Vinci® surgical robot in December of 2006. The da Vinci® robot is a system that uses advanced, robotic technology to help surgeons operate. The robot does not act on its own — it is a tool used and controlled by a surgeon.

Patients who have robotic surgery often experience:

  • a shorter hospital stay
  • less pain and blood loss
  • a faster recovery

If you are a candidate for surgery or considering surgery in the near future, we encourage you to ask your physician about robotic surgery. As of today, Sacred Heart Center for Robotic Surgery has helped thousands of people.

Newest Technology

Based on the increasing needs of patients in our area, Sacred Heart Hospital upgraded to a brand new da Vinci® Xi robot that arrived in December of 2019. This newest da Vinci® Xi surgical system improves on the prior systems in ease of use and increased flexibility for the surgeon and decreased surgical times for the patient.