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Pregnancy is an incredible journey whether it’s your first baby or your third.
And we are here to partner with you and care for you—from the moment you want to try having a baby to the day you become pregnant, through the birth of your baby and into your recuperation after delivery.

Our OB/GYN, Dr. Erica Barrette is now accepting new patients and offers flexible hours to fit your busy schedule—including mornings and evenings.
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Obstetrics Services

Pregnancy exams—even if you know you are pregnant, it is still wise to make an appointment for a physical and pelvic exam to confirm your pregnancy as soon as you can. This will ensure that you and your baby get off to a good start. During your first exam, we will:

  • determine your due date
  • find out your health history
  • explore the medical history of family members
  • determine if you have any pregnancy risk factors based on your age, health and/or personal and family history

Low and high risk prenatal care—regular appointments throughout your pregnancy allow us to follow the progress of your baby’s development and keep both you and your baby healthy. In addition to medical care, prenatal care includes education on pregnancy and childbirth, and lots of support. These regular appointments are a great time to ask any questions you may have.

Ultrasounds—an ultrasound test uses high-frequency sound waves to create the echoes that are recorded and transformed into video or photographic images of your baby. An ultrasound may be performed earlier in your pregnancy to determine:

  • the presence of more than one baby
  • your due date or gestational age (the age of the baby)

Later in pregnancy, ultrasound may be used to determine the:

  • health of the baby
  • placenta location
  • amount of amniotic fluid around the baby
  • position of the baby
  • baby's expected weight

Non-stress test—this test is done to evaluate your baby’s condition if you've gone past your due date, or in the month or two leading up to your due date if you're having a high-risk pregnancy. During the test, your baby's heartbeat is monitored, first while the baby is resting and then while the baby is moving.

Amniocentesis for fetal lung maturity—An amniocentesis is a procedure used to obtain a small sample of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby. It can be used in the third trimester of pregnancy to assess the baby’s lung maturity when there is a potential for premature birth.

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