Stroke Center

Sacred Heart is a Certified Primary Stroke Center. The hospital has earned a Gold Performance Achievement Award from the American Stroke Association. And it offers the most extensive stroke treatment options, including:

  1. A clot-busting medicine that is administered intravenously.
  2. An intra-arterial (IA) procedure that delivers a clot-busting medicine directly to the blood clot in the brain.*
  3. A clot-retrieval procedure that can break-up a clot and remove it from the brain up to eight hours after the onset of stroke symptoms.*

*Only available in this area at Sacred Heart Hospital

Know Your Risks

The best way to prevent stroke is to know your risk factors and how to manage them. We invite you to find out where you stand by taking our Health Aware Stroke Assessment right now.

Take the Stroke Assessment now

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of stroke and how you can prevent stroke here.

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