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David Peck

David Peck is a correctional officer in a very noisy work environment. It's imperative that he is able to hear and react at a moment's notice.

"I didn’t realize how much I was missing. When I got the hearing aids, I was able to hear birds chirping in the morning, I have not heard that in a while. They helped me fine tune my hearing aids and were able to program my hearing aids specifically for noisy environments. It’s helped a ton at work."

Don Weibel

Don Weibel is a musician who owns his own violin repair shop.

"This is the third time I have gone through getting a hearing aid, and I was never satisfied with the hearing aids I got – they just didn’t do what I was hoping they would do. With Shawna’s expertise and the technology available, she was able to fit me for hearing aids. They’ve been the best fitting hearing aids I’ve ever had."

Gavin Huber

Gavin Huber, 9 years old 

His mother, LeAnne Huber, says

"When we come here, they really take the time to talk with you, they don’t rush you out the door like some other places do. Shawna has taken the time to call Gavin’s school to explain his hearing loss and what he needs to succeed at school, when I have needed her to do that. It’s hard to see your child struggle in school. I need to have someone on my side, and Shawna is on our side!"

James Lutz

"I had an appointment with Shawna, and I got the feeling that she was truly interested in helping me overcome my handicap. She had the technical training, but she had one other thing going for her that most professionals don’t have – she has to deal with a hearing loss on a personal basis, day in and day out. So she truly understands what people with a hearing loss are going through. It’s a refreshing thing to see. Her enthusiasm for what she does makes me feel comfortable. 

Shawna explained that hearing aids aren’t always the total solution to hearing loss. She invited me back to learn about the Language and Communication Enhancement (LACE) program. It’s an interactive computer program that has helped me to concentrate more and develop strategies to make it easier for to me to understand conversations.

Before this, I had given up. Because I was not able to hear, I didn’t want to participate in social events. I sort of isolated myself because I was frustrated that I couldn’t hear. 

I have no hesitation in fully endorsing the Hearing & Balance Center. This clinic is the full package."

Jennifer Dionne

"They work with me and it’s important to me that they also work my insurance. They are friendly and willing to help me. I am just thrilled with everyone here. 

I have a “ComPilot” – I think of it like a BlueTooth. It enables me to take cell phone calls through my hearing aid. The system filters out outside noise, so that I can hear a conversation on my phone and can hear the caller clearly. I love the ComPilot, love it, love it, love it! It’s hands-free, it’s so much easier than having a regular cell phone."

Jessi Mae Anderson

"Shawna tested my hearing and now I have hearing aids. I have been very happy with them.

I like to talk too much not to hear people!!

I have no trouble regulating my hearing aids in church, or in a restaurant or at friends’ houses."

Joseph R Bowe

"The service here is excellent. Yes, you can get good service at a lot of places. But after talking with friends of mine who have hearing aids – and at my age, there are a lot of them out there – the follow up service was terrific. Shawna and her team really worked with me to adjust sounds and toned things down for me. Right now, I don’t even realize that I am wearing hearing aids.

Friends of mine who purchased their hearing aids someplace else aren’t receiving the individual attention and service that I have received here, with fine tuning my hearing aids.

I can hear so much better now – I can hear my feet walking on the carpet; I can hear the birds chirping again. It’s fantastic! I have recommended Hearing & Balance to a few other people."

Ken St. Louis

"The Hearing & Balance Center is a knowledgeable, pleasant and fun group to work with. I feel comfortable in recommending them to my friends, and in fact I have done so! The staff bends over backwards to help me. I’ve been a patient here for more than a year."

Mel Bollum

"This is my third time getting hearing aids. At other places, the service was not comfortable, and I was due for new hearing aids. A friend of mine suggested that I come here, to the Hearing & Balance Center. The service was neat. We tried one well-known brand, but it did not fit me after several molds. We found a brand that fit me and the service here has been excellent!

Shawna and her team followed up with me, like a nurse does after surgery, asking me how things are working and fitting. It’s been a very positive experience."

Txia Vang

"I had hearing aids before and it was time for me to upgrade them. My experience here has been awesome. I’ve had to do all of this on my own, and Shawna and her team have been very helpful, and helped me through the process of seeing what kind of hearing aid was best for me. I feel good about myself around Shawna; she is very personable. My hearing aid ear molds are comfortable, I don’t even notice that I am wearing them." 
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