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Nursing Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of nursing at Sacred Heart Hospital embodies the mission of the entire organization.


Nursing is a professional practice that is based in caring relationships with patients, their families, and others central in patients’ lives. This relationship respects the holistic worth, autonomy, spirituality, and unique characteristics of every individual.


Nursing includes promoting healing and wellness, preventing illness, managing chronicity, and providing for a dignified death. In this practice, nursing always protects patient safety while ensuring patient comfort.


Nursing demands dedication, requires judgment and incorporates evidenced-based practice. Effective communication with everyone on the healthcare team is a major component of nursing practice and is the foundation for the delivery of culturally competent nursing care.

Our Beliefs

As nursing professionals, we:

  • Incorporate the relationship-based care model in everything we do.
  • Promote and protect the health and safety of every patient during every encounter.
  • Collaborate effectively with the entire healthcare team to promote optimal patient care.
  • Commit to incorporate evidenced-based nursing practice to promote positive patient outcomes.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for the activation of services within and beyond Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Commit to excellence and seek ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Share the responsibility and ownership for creating and maintaining an organizational environment that uses resources wisely.
  • Exercise our responsibility as global citizens to actively promote health in the broader community.