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Patient Satisfaction

It defines the way we interact with patients, visitors and guests. The Service Standards below show how, in every encounter, you can have confidence that our team is committed to living our core values. 

I commit to participating in positive interactions. This is the essence of RESPECT.

  • In every interaction I bring positive energy by acknowledging the patient, introducing myself, providing explanations, setting expectations and thanking them.
  • I make every effort to address patient, customer, client, and co-worker needs and wants while promoting a positive Sacred Heart experience.
  • I demonstrate respect by active listening, showing empathy and being considerate.
  • I hold in confidence all private information and interactions.
  • I use resources (time, personnel, equipment, supplies) carefully to promote Sacred Heart Hospital’s financial success.
  • I am friendly, collaborative and cooperative with patients, co-workers and external customers.
  • I will give a friendly and respectful greeting to all patients, visitors and staff I encounter in the hallways and in the course of my work, using their name if possible.

I pledge to do for others as I would have done to my favorite person in the world. This is the essence of CARE.

  • I show patients, customers, clients and co-workers that I care by expressing concern, empathy and using imagination to solve problems.
  • I take initiative in maintaining facility cleanliness and safety. If something is dirty, I clean it or ensure that it is cleaned. If I note a safety concern, I use “lock out, tag out” if appropriate and submit a work order noting the specific problem.
  • I listen openly and acknowledge others’ ideas and concerns.
  • I recognize the words “busy” and “short-staffed” are not words to use with patients or visitors; I know these words may cause doubt and anxiety about our ability to care for our patients. I know that it is appropriate to discuss staffing and scheduling concerns with my supervisor at any time.
  • I understand that my body language and tone of voice convey more of my message than my actual words.
  • I remain calm and caring when dealing with pressure situations.
  • If I receive a complaint, I make every effort to resolve the complaint on the spot. If I am unable to resolve on the spot, I pass the issue to my immediate supervisor.
  • I commit to answering call lights within three minutes. If I see a light and I am near, I will go in and answer that light and fulfill the patient request. If the request is outside my area of expertise or scope of practice, I will get the person who can fulfill the request.

I pledge to be knowledgeable in my role and know how I affect the financial and service success of the hospital. This is the essence of COMPETENCE.

  • I take responsibility for my work and follow through with all tasks.
  • I respect diversity.
  • I value the positive qualities and contributions of all members of the team regardless of role or title.
  • I perform my work with excellence.
  • I seek out learning opportunities to enhance my skills and ability to serve.
  • I collaborate with people from my department and other departments to arrive at the best solutions for problems.
  • I share my knowledge with others.
  • I recognize that change for improvement is necessary.
  • I stay current with Sacred Heart Hospital communication.
  • I successfully perform department-specific service behaviors.

I commit to showing my smile. This is the essence of JOY.

  • I bring enthusiasm to the work I do.
  • I use humor whenever appropriate to help ease tensions.
  • I show that I enjoy my work.
  • I am a positive member of my team.
  • I smile, make eye contact, and speak in ways that are easily understood.
  • I answer the phone with a smile on my face and give my name, my work area and ask how I may help the person on the other end.
  • I help people find their way by taking them where they need to go in person whenever possible.