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Culture of Excellence

Sacred Heart Hospital has gone above and beyond the healthcare industry’s basics of making healthcare safe. We have implemented programs for sustained safety for our patients across the continuum of care.

As you might guess, a safety improvement is of little help unless it is sustained and permanent.
To sustain our safety improvements, we have built a unique culture of excellence with a constant connection to our mission, values and standards. This connection helps our employees at all levels sustain quality and safety improvements. We call it hardwiring our results. 

Our culture of excellence enhances safety, but only with the sustained commitment of each individual member of our hospital family. We excel at this because our ideals are embodied in our Standards & Guiding Principles: the behaviors and courtesy for conduct, work quality, attitude, leadership, organization, cooperation and service commitment to our patients. These ideals, summed up as our Core Values, create an environment with strong values and beliefs that promote behaviors which result in safe, reliable and effective care.