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Clinical Outcomes

At Sacred Heart Hospital, we are constantly working to improve patient safety and quality. This is such a high priority that an entire department, the Quality Resources Department, is dedicated to continually measuring and improving our performance. The department also helps implement the latest innovations and best practices.

We make improvements through: 
  • Major systems solutions (such as innovative new technology).
  • Improving processes (administrative or clinical actions focused on areas of opportunity).
  • Building on our constant connection to our mission, values and standards to enhance organizational excellence.
Highest standards

When it comes to our patients, we don’t compare ourselves just to national averages. Instead, we set internal goals and constantly compare our progress with high performance hospitals in the top 10% in the nation. This strategy of comparing ourselves with the best has allowed us to improve our operational performance. 

As you research and compare hospital care through the many excellent national and state public reporting groups, we want to provide you with our latest data. We believe in transparency and accountability, and we’re also proud of our consistent progress. Our goal is to provide the very best care and exceed your expectations and our own high standards.