Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation


Our therapeutic recreation therapists develop personalized rehabilitation plans for people who have been debilitated as a result of an illness or injury.


We aim to promote a patient’s independent physical, cognitive, emotional and social functions. 


Therapy can occur as an inpatient at a person’s bedside or as an inpatient or outpatient in our rehabilitation clinic area or during community outings.


Therapy is provided in groups or individually.

Therapists help individuals resume and explore leisure interests, improve their socialization skills and help their carry rehabilitation skills over into community settings.

Therapeutic recreation services may include:

  • Education on leisure resources
  • Training for community reintegration
  • Resuming or learning leisure skills and activities
  • Participation in small group sessions to carry over all skills learned in therapy programs
  • A new program that uses robotic pets to improve hand strength and dexterity.

Community reintegration destinations:

  • Restaurants
  • Stores/Mall
  • Parks, including fishing in the summer

Leisure resources:

  • Books on tape, books by mail
  • Large print reading materials
  • Adaptive leisure aids: fishing equipment, pool sticks, book holders, writing utensils, etc.