Speech Language Pathology

Speech Language Pathology


Our speech therapists work with you to address communications disorders, as well as problems with swallowing and thinking skills.


Therapy can occur as an inpatient at your bedside or as an inpatient or outpatient at the rehabilitation center.


Treatment is delivered using the most technologically advanced agents and techniques.

Our speech therapists conduct extensive assessments that enable them to evaluate your improvement in areas specific to your treatment goals. Goals may include:

  • improving swallowing
  • problem solving
  • memory and communicative abilities

Assessments can include an evaluation of the following:

  • Cognitive ability: memory attention, problem solving
  • Strength and mobility of the face, mouth and throat muscles
  • Communication: speech, understanding language, reading, writing and computer assisted communication systems
  • Swallowing: videofluoroscopy (X-ray of swallowing), training exercises including VitaStim®
  • Voice therapy including the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (loud therapy)