Inspirations, Wednesday, December 5

by Emmy B.

Kids are such happy, joy-filled creatures.  Everything is so new and exciting to them. Blowing bubbles used to make my niece giggle hysterically. And don’t even start with snow. She viewed every snowfall as a beautiful winter wonderland – even the ghastly ones that came in late March!

Now, while a big bowl of Cookie Dough ice cream can make me wiggle with excitement like any five year old, I must admit I’ve probably become a little jaded over the years about most other things. Why does the process of growing up have to change our joy-filled attitude? For example, have I lost my childlike sense of wonder about Christmastime? More importantly, what can I do about it if I have?

Note to self:  Be like the reformed Grinch – reclaim the true meaning of Christmas this year!


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