Inspirations, Tuesday, December 4

by Emmy B.

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed a friend I hadn’t connected with in a while. Days went by and I didn’t hear anything back from her, which was very unusual. Usually she’ll send me a return email within a day or two.  I began to wonder if she was mad at me for something, if I had somehow unknowingly offended her. I re-read the email I had sent her. Nope, it was pretty innocuous. Couldn’t have been anything there.

So, I sent her another email, but still didn’t receive a reply. Now I really started worrying. I couldn’t begin to think what on earth I had done to make her so mad that she wouldn’t even respond! Or maybe she wasn’t mad…maybe she was in the hospital, on death’s door, and I didn’t even know about it. Worst case scenarios went on and on endlessly in my mind.

Finally, I sent her another email yesterday, judiciously watching my Inbox for her reply. Low and behold, when I checked my email this morning, she had responded. Yippee! She wasn’t mad! She wasn’t dead! She was just very, very busy! What a relief!

And then I began thinking about how many hours I had spent obsessing and worrying about something I had totally made up in my mind. Geez, I really need to get a life!

Note to self: Don’t let needless worries get in the way of my daily happiness and peace of mind.



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