Inspirations, Thursday, October 25

by Emmy B.

After reading my October 18th posting, a good friend gave me a call. Even though we’ve known each other for years, she said she was surprised to read I’m a worrier. “I never would have guessed,” she said. “You cover it up really well, and I’ve never heard you complain.”  I took that as the ultimate compliment. Because while I know I annoy myself with all my worrying, I was glad to know I don’t annoy others with unceasing complaints about my often unfounded anxieties.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe it’s healthy to always bottle up what you’re feeling inside. Let’s face it, there are times when we all need to vent our frustrations. But constant complaining can become a bad habit, just like excessive worrying. Sometimes I wonder if complaining might stem from misguided feelings of entitlement: “I want what I want, and I want it right now, thank you very much. And if I don’t get it, I’ll complain. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, you know.”

So, to change my attitude a bit, I now try to be mindful of all the small blessings in my life. I’m happy when I get out of bed in the morning and my back doesn’t ache too much or my knees don’t creak! After all, it’s hard to complain when I’m thinking about how lucky I really am. Appreciating what I do have instead of complaining about what I don’t have makes all the difference in the world. I’m given the gift of 86,400 seconds in a day. How many of them do I spend being grateful?

Note to self:  “Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.”  German Proverb

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