Inspirations, Monday, November 26

by Emmy B.

I heard this quote the other day: “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.” Now, this sounds like it would have come out of the mouth of an inspirational speaker, right? Actually, the person who said it was a host on a home shopping network, and she was trying to entice the viewers to buy a piece of jewelry today, saying, “You don’t know if tomorrow will ever come, so do it right now!” I laughed at her rather brazen selling tactic, but then I really started thinking about what she said and realized just how accurate her words were.

We only have one life. We don’t get to push “pause” when we want to slow things down, or “rewind” when we want a cosmic “do over.” So…since this is my one and only life to live, I better do the best job of it that I possibly can!

 Note to self: Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Live it NOW!


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