Inspirations, Monday, December 10

by Emmy B.

Remember two years ago when we got that awful 20+ inches of snow? I remember it so well because I spent about an hour stuck in a snow bank, until a father and son took pity on me and helped shovel me out. I was never so thankful to see someone stop their car in all my life! They were my guardian angels that day, and I never forgot them.

Well, today I had the chance to pay it forward. I must admit I was a bit surprised by the 12 inches of snow that met me at my garage door this morning! I thought we were only supposed to get 5 or 6 inches. At any rate, I grabbed my shovel and began the long trek down the frozen tundra that is my driveway. About half way through, I looked over and saw that my new neighbor was completely stuck – half in her drive, half out. I quickly went over to her, and she tearfully said was sure she was going to be stuck there until spring. She had been coming home from working all night, and was exhausted. I put on a confident smile (even though I didn’t feel particularly confident), and told her, “We can do it! We can get your car out of this snow bank!” After a lot of shoveling, pushing, and maneuvering (and praying), I’m happy to report we got her car into her garage. She gave me the same grateful look that I gave my guardian angels two years ago. It felt pretty darn good to be able to help someone else out for a change!

Note to self: My muscles may be a little sore, but it sure was nice to pay it forward!

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