Direct Access Testing

Direct Access Testing

Direct Access Laboratory Testing (DAT) allows you to order your own lab tests without a doctor’s order. It is convenient, affordable and fits into your busy lifestyle.

How does Direct Access Testing work?

  • You order lab tests based on your health concerns 
  • No doctor’s order or appointment is needed
  • Payment is required at time of service, along with an address and phone number so that you can be contacted with results
  • There are no bills or insurance claims 
  • A waiver explaining Direct Access testing specifics must be reviewed and signed prior to the draw
  • Children under 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign
  • Follows all HIPAA guidelines regarding patient confidentiality

Will you need special preparations or instructions for any of the tests? 

For most of the tests, you will not need special preparations. However, for some, fasting is required. A 12 hour fast is necessary for Cholesterol, Lipid Panel and Glucose in order to obtain the most accurate results. 

How will you receive your results? 

Your results will be mailed to you and should be received in approximately three days. If a result requires immediate attention, you will be called and asked to contact your doctor or healthcare provider immediately. It is your responsibility to follow up accordingly. 

We care about your health and encourage you to share your DAT results with your doctor or healthcare provider. Your doctor is a partner in managing your health and wellness. He/she can explain what your test results mean for you. You can also learn more about your results by visiting

Where and When Is Direct Access Lab Testing Available? 

Sacred Heart Hospital 900 West Clairemont Ave Eau Claire, WI You can request your DAT test at the Registration Office inside the main entrance of the hospital.

 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday

Also available at Sacred Heart Family Care - Arcadia or Sacred Heart Family Care - Osseo. You can request your DAT test at either clinic's registration desk.

 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday

What Tests are available? What is the cost for each test?

Click to see a menu of lab tests available.